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Scooters & Power Chairs

We have a limited supply of new and second hand scooters/power chairs.
All new equipment comes with Batteries and 1-2 Year’s Warranty.
To inquire about second-hand equipment, Contact Us

Eagle HD
SWL 180kg

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Easy to assemble and disassemble, rotating seat, 35Amp Batteries, SWL 136kg

Little Beauty
Lightweight, portable, Puncture Proof Tyres,
SWL 113kg

Walkers & Walking Frames

We have walkers for any preference.
Easy brakes, small frames, easy to fold, high quality, and affordable.
All our walkers come with One Year’s Warranty.

EZ Fold-n-go walker
Lightweight frame, Ski-tips for easy speed control.

Price: $229

Easy control, perfect for indoor use, includes tray and basket.

Price: $190

8″ Walker
8″ Wheels,
Soft Touch Brakes,
SWL 130kg

Price: $220

Freedom: SpaceLite 4.5
4.5kg Frame,
folds into compact size,
SWL 130kg

Price: $410


The wheelchairs we sell ensure easy movement, operation, and efficient storage.

Bariatric Transit Chair
22″ Seat, Hand Brakes,
Removable armrests.

Price: $695

Performance Health: Days Escape Chair
Self Propelled,
seat belt, lightweight,
SWL 100kg

Price: $395

Drive Budget Transit Chair
Comfortable seat,
Solid Tyres,
SWL 115kg

Price: $325

Heavy Duty Excel G4
Lightweight, self propelled,
removable armrests,
SWL 136kg

Price: $1049

Bathroom Equipment

We have a wide variety of goods for bathroom ease,
both cost effective and room saving solutions!

Shower Chair
Adjustable legs, sturdy steel frame,
SWL 140kg

Price: $138

Bedside Commode

Adjustable leg height, removable covers, pail and privacy covers included

Price: $365

Grab Rail

Suction Cup Grip, 300 or 400mm available, aluminium.

Price: $58

Toilet Frame

Adjustable Length & Height,
Easy to adjust, light frame.

Price: $90

Bedroom Equipment

We offer bedroom equipment to help with movement and everyday activities.

Jomor Healthcare:
Rose 4 Hi-Low Bed
Adjustable Height,
back and knee angle, SWL 200kg,
Beech bed ends.

Price: $3,630

Bed Rail

Adjustable Length,
Fits under mattress,
easy to use.

Price: $60

Bedside Tray Table

Adjustable height, angled tray built in,
suits beds/chairs.

Price: $347

Daily Living Needs & Accessories

Reachers, cushions, walking aids, different accessories, and much more!
Ensures ease of access in everyday living.

Walking Sticks
Various Walking sticks, from foldable, to multi-tipped.

Starting from $30

Swivel Cushions
Padded cushions, allows easy rotation, non- slip material.

Starting from $28

Ranging from Arm padded, to Elbow Crutch, from Freedom.

Starting from $49

Various Lengths, magnetic or rubber grip.

Starting from $28

Spare Parts

All the equipment we sell, we make sure we are able to repair, so we stock a variety of spare parts.
We can order any specific parts needed if we have none.

  • Tyres and Tubes
  • Wheels and Casters
  • Chargers and Batteries for Scooters
  • Brake Parts for Walkers and Wheelchairs
  • Rubber Tips for Crutches, Walking Sticks, and more
  • Parts for professional medical equipment
    (Lifters, Beds, etc.)
  • and much more!

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