Power Chairs

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Eagle HD Electric Wheelchair

Other Portable Power Chairs:

Activ 120

  • Made for smaller sizes. Safe weight load of 120kg.
  • Static footplate, lifting armrests, controller fits on both sides.
  • Small wheels, ideal for indoor use.

Sweetrich Royale

  • Safe weight load of 150kg.
  • Includes folding footplate, extra chair padding.
  • Larger rear wheels, good for indoor and suburban use.

Products Available To Order:

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Shoprider Como

  • A small compact power chair, can be pulled apart for storage.
  • Made for indoor use and flat surfaces.
  • Safe weight load of 110kg.
    Includes 12Ah batteries, up to 15km range.

Pride Jazzy Elite

  • Modern design and sturdy build. good for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Four small wheels and two large wheels, all puncture proof.
  • Includes 35Ah batteries, up to 25km range.