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Medi-Repair Services

The TR Range of Baths & Shower Trolleys, manufactured in Europe provide quality equipment that will satisfy the critical of users. We have many clients that insist on only using TR products.

The Atlas Bariatric Shower Trolley - Multi Tasking - Endless Possibilities

The Shower Trolley that makes the showering and transferring easier for attendants, a product that will prove invaluable for any health care situation requiring the transferring and showering of patients.

The stretcher that integrates well with the TR 900 Bath, providing the complete system. This system will improve productivity and efficiency and gives your staff what they expect.

TR 1700 Lyric Height Adjustable Bath System


The electric elevating bath which will increase productivity as well as facilitating the "No Lift" policy for your staff. The bath also provides improved patient care.

The TR Classic Tilt Table provides a smooth and effortless lift from horizontal to upright position.