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Medi-Repair Services

The Jumbuck 300kg Lifter offers the same features as the Jumbuck 240kg Lifter with the added advantage of increased capacity to 300kg.

350kg Lifter with a Yoke bar. Specially designed bariatric patients / special wards.



240kg SWL Sling lifter with the ability to lift a stretcher frame as well as the new design of the walking accessories - Physios like this concept and allows the Jumbuck to become a Multi Lifter for the Hospital and Physio / Rehab Wards.

175kg Sing Lifter - Smaller than the Jumbuck, same pick up points apart from when used with a stretcher and the walking accessories - Hospital and Aged Care market.

140kg sling Lifter - Same as the Joey, smaller in length. Has the option of being portable (Disassemble for Vehicle) - Ideal for Wards / Aged Care & Home Market.

175kg Standing Machine, Patients need to be Weight Bearing, used for transferring from Wheelchair to Toilet / Bed / Chair. Used in General Wards, A&E and Physio Depts

Lightweight standing machine, requires resident to be weight bearing, comfortable chest sling and high knee pad for extra support.




Jumbuck 300